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What is a workplace investigation and when does your workplace need one?

First things first… What is a workplace investigation? A workplace investigation is an investigation into an allegation of misconduct, often triggered by a complaint about bullying, harassment, discrimination, safety issues, fraud or other unethical behaviour at work. Investigations can take many forms, some more formal than others, an may include … Continue reading

Estate planning for small business

Are you the owner of a small business and/or have equitable interests in a business or company? Have you made provisions in your will for the administration of your business? Your Estate planning should be aligned with your business succession arrangements to ensure that all you have worked so hard … Continue reading

Fencing disputes – when you and your neighbour can’t see eye to eye

Fencing disputes with your neighbour are quite personal and can be very upsetting if they get out of hand. If you are in disagreement with your neighbour about your fence needing to be replaced, fixed or about what kind of dividing fence to construct, you want the matter resolved as … Continue reading

Planning permits and objections in Victoria

If you are affected or may be affected by the grant of a permit, you can object to the grant of a permit: The responsible authority (usually the local council) will only be required to take your objection into consideration if you have been given notice of the permit. VCAT … Continue reading

Building Disputes and VCAT

VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) hears building disputes both domestic and commercial, and does not have a limit on the amount of money that may be claimed. You may go to VCAT self-represented, or you may ask for VCAT’s permission to have someone represent you. Often the cases heard … Continue reading

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