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Incorporated Associations and Regulation – what to be aware of

So… you are either considering incorporation, or have already incorporated – but would like to know exactly what legal requirements apply to incorporated associations? And how can your association fulfil those obligations with confidence? In Victoria, your governing legislation is the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (the Act) and its … Continue reading

Protecting your food product overseas

International protocols mean that if your food product is protected by legally enforceable registration in Australia, it may be possible to enforce those IP rights with Australia’s trading partners. But to be assured of protection and a right of recourse in that specific country, it is best to be on … Continue reading

Lack of procedure deemed unfair during dismissal

The Fair Work Commission (“the FWC”) recently found that an employee’s dismissal was unfair due to his employer’s non-existent procedures and spiteful actions leading up to his termination. The facts The employee had been working at the puppy farm for approximately two years with no issues and a perfect employment … Continue reading

Construction contracts and suspending works

For contractors and trades, getting paid by builders or other head contractors can be very difficult – but the process can be made easier if you understand and use the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2002 (Vic). This Act facilitates more efficient payments to contractors and subcontractors … Continue reading

Dietitians and client agreements

Are you a practicing dietitian? Do you have a client agreement in place? If not, it is a worthwhile and simple document that can help to protect your professional practice. What is your role as dietitian? A client agreement is a good place to state your process and policies, in … Continue reading

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