Commercial Law

If you are starting a business, we are here to ensure you have the right structure both for the early stages and to support your future growth. Along the journey, we will take care of loan agreements, shareholders’ and unit holder agreements, commercial disputes and – when the time is right – agreements relating to the sale or purchase of a business.

Business Law

Whether your business is based around products or services, you need agreements with your clients. We can help with client agreements and terms and conditions. We will also ensure you have the right privacy policy in relation to the storage of your clients’ personal information. We also assist with supplier and distribution agreements to ensure each party’s obligations are documented. 

Property Law

Thinking of taking on a new retail or commercial lease? We can help you negotiate with the landlord to ensure you are getting a fair deal and continue to assist throughout the lease if things don’t go as planned. Sinclair + May also deals with caveats, adverse possession matters and fencing disputes.

Construction and Building

Do you need a building contract reviewed or have you found yourself embroiled in a building dispute?  We can help you to understand the agreements you are entering into, including all the terms and conditions. If you find yourself in a dispute, we will work with you to try and find a commercial resolution and, if that can’t be achieved, assist you in proceedings should the dispute go to court. 

Intellectual Property

We love helping small businesses ensure their brand is protected and assisting you when someone has stolen your IP or is passing off their products or services as yours. We help with trademarks and copyright as well as licence agreements.

Disputes and Litigation

From debt recovery to Supreme Court proceedings, Sinclair + May can assist. We can also help with employment disputes in the Fair Work Commission or if you are involved in a consumer law matter at VCAT.

Employment Law

We can work with you to prepare employment contracts and policies, as well as training your staff on their obligations. You can also call on us to undertake a workplace investigation following an allegation of misconduct, or to perform a cultural review of your workplace if you have any concerns in this area.

Franchising Law

Are you a franchisee or buying a franchise? Franchise agreements are complex documents and it is vital you understand your rights and obligations before entering into a deal. Sinclair + May will assist you to ensure you understand the documentation and will help you to negotiate the terms.