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Building contracts – what happens when it doesn’t all go as planned?

Before you enter a building contract you need to be prepared for things to not go as planned. We unfortunately see far too many residents stuck in the middle of building disputes for things that could have been avoided. Unexpected costs, extreme delays and shoddy work are just some of … Continue reading

Creative agencies, client agreements and intellectual property:

Having a client agreement in place is crucial to avoiding disputes. We all like to know what we are signing up for and having a brand developed or website created is no different. Having the right contract in place puts you in a much better position to assert your rights … Continue reading

What does the GDPR mean for your business?

Firstly… GDPR? What is this?! The GDPR is the European Union General Data Protection Regulation that contains new data protection requirements. The GDPR applies to businesses as of 25 May 2018. Australian businesses are responsible for ensure data handling practices comply with the GDPR before commencement. Does it apply to … Continue reading

Charitable fundraising – what are the rules around this?

So, you have set up your social enterprise and are ready to start fundraising – wonderful news! However just because you classify as a charity does not mean you are exempt from rules – quite the opposite. There are some complex regulations that apply (here we will focus on the … Continue reading

Top three tips when setting up a tech company

We love working with tech companies, particularly in the early stages when they are working out what they need. If this is you, read on to hear our top tips. 1.  Get your company structure right… Like all businesses, you can choose to operate as a sole-trader, a partnership, a … Continue reading

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