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Dietitians and client agreements

Are you a practicing dietitian? Do you have a client agreement in place? If not, it is a worthwhile and simple document that can help to protect your professional practice. What is your role as dietitian? A client agreement is a good place to state your process and policies, in … Continue reading

Easements and Restrictive Covenants

Easements and restrictive covenants are common, and mostly do not affect the value of property. But some really do! Once easements or covenants are on a property’s Certificate of Title they are difficult to remove and you are very likely to need to seek expert legal advice. If you are … Continue reading

Manufacturing Agreements and Food Businesses

Are you a food business that contracts to have another business produce part of your food product or supply a service to you? If so, read on. Outsourcing is especially useful for food businesses when they are starting out and cannot yet invest in extensive equipment or additional staff. Before … Continue reading

Retail leases, urgent repairs and landlords – what are your rights?

If you are a small business and considering (or already have) a retail lease, it pays to know your rights. First, check if yourself or the landlord is responsible for the cost of replacement or repair: Under a retail lease, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the following in the … Continue reading

Business Succession and Estate Planning – 5 things business owners need to think about…

“… in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin, 1789. 1. A structured succession plan: Your business legacy is important, and preparing for the future does not have to be overly complicated (or morbid). But it is crucial to implement a succession … Continue reading

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