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Gyms and membership agreements – what are your risks and how can you deal with them?

‘Unfair’ terms in gym membership agreements: Gym membership contract documents must be carefully drafted to be considered ‘fair’ under the Australian Consumer Law, so that important terms can be enforced, and your business is protected against non-payment and other breach of contract. The membership agreement must be clear and concise, … Continue reading

What does your organic supermarket need to consider before selling?

The sale of organic produce is a growing commercial market, so if you’re ready to sell your organic supermarket, you should have good bargaining power and a selection of potential purchasers in the current economic climate. Ensure your prospective buyer can secure the finance to purchase your business, assess the … Continue reading

Casual employees and avoiding unfair dismissal claims

Casual workers can be covered by unfair dismissal laws under the Fair Work Act, if they are long-term casual workers who have an expectation of continued employment. The casual worker in question must have worked in the role for at least 6 months or more, be able to show they … Continue reading

Signing a retail lease? What you need to know…

It’s so exciting when a small business is ready to sign its first lease.  But unlike residential leases, which are largely the same, retail/commercial leases can vary hugely. The devil is in the detail.  A lease can be both your biggest expense and one of your most valuable business assets, … Continue reading

Terms and conditions for photographers – top 5 tips:

As a photographer you must protect yourself with a legally binding document, and require all clients to read and sign off on your terms and conditions when they engage your services. 1. Provide details that will inform your quote for the client: Your terms and conditions should specify the particulars … Continue reading

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