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Planning to sell your café – get these 3 things sorted now

Business Sale Agreement. A Business Sale Agreement must clearly set out the legal conditions of the sale. It will be attractive to purchasers to see that your business model is easily transferable to a new owner under favourable legal conditions. It shows your café can continue running smoothly and profitably … Continue reading

Keep your business healthy this winter

It’s the simple things that keep us feeling well through winter – a daily walk in the sunshine, a bowl of slowly simmered chicken soup or a nightly ritual of peeling and sharing orange segments with our loved ones. And winter is so much more bearable when you take these … Continue reading

Buying an existing café? Let me help you make it happen!

I love helping clients realise their dream of owning a cafe. But, you need more than a love of food and coffee to run a successful cafe – it is a business governed by many different types of laws. Often the original plan is to start something from scratch but … Continue reading

Consumer Law Update: Changes to Country of Origin Food Labelling Requirements from 1 July 2016

If you produce, grow, make, pack or offer food for retail sale in Australia, you will need to familiarise yourself with the new country of origin food labelling requirements under the Country of Origin Food Labelling Information Standard 2016 (the Standard). The new Standard is made under section 134 of … Continue reading

Leases, Contracts and Expert Determination Clauses – Why You Need a Lawyer to Review Your Documents!

The Supreme Court of Victoria as recently considered expert determination clauses in leases and other contracts concerning land. These reasonably standard clauses cover things like the possibility of dispute between the parties about the important things ie. rent payable under a lease, or the value of land under an option … Continue reading

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