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Grass fed beef – what needs to go on your label

If you are selling grass fed beef or an associated product and want to label it as such, you will need to be aware of your labelling obligations under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), and the required standards as set out in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code (“the … Continue reading

CoINVEST for the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the only industries that has a portable long service scheme, which enables workers to take long service leave after a period of service in the industry, rather than with a single employer. If you are an employer in the construction industry in Victoria, chances … Continue reading

Unit trust or company? Which structure is right for your new restaurant?

Although we suggest speaking to a lawyer and accountant to give you advice on the best business structure for you, it helps to have some information around your options.  Setting up a new restaurant is an exciting time but you want to make sure it is done properly and in … Continue reading

What is a general protections claim and when can you bring one?

The general protections provisions are part of the Fair Work Act, and aim to protect employees’ rights and prevent action being taken against them because the employee has a particular attribute, or have exercised a right that is open to them. Essentially, general protections claims are available to employees where … Continue reading

When should superannuation be paid to contractors?

Many people are unaware that in many cases, they are obliged to pay superannuation for their contractors. The Superannuation Guarantee requires that if an eligible person is paid more than $450 in a month, their employer or the person who engaged them must pay super. The ATO directs that you … Continue reading

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