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When should superannuation be paid to contractors?

Many people are unaware that in many cases, they are obliged to pay superannuation for their contractors. The Superannuation Guarantee requires that if an eligible person is paid more than $450 in a month, their employer or the person who engaged them must pay super. The ATO directs that you … Continue reading

Tree disputes – a common problem with a confusing resolution process

Tree disputes may appear to be a minor issue until it actually happens to you, and then you may find all you can think/talk/dream about is that tree, and the disagreement with your neighbour becomes personal. Tree disputes are common and can be quite serious – trees subject to dispute … Continue reading

Creative agencies, client agreements and intellectual property

It is essential for creative agencies to have clear and authoritative provisions about ownership of intellectual property in their client agreements. Having clear terms in client agreements reduces the potential for disagreement down the track and for that client or agency to be put in a harmful position. Unmet expectations, … Continue reading

Building designers and copyright – what do you need to be aware of?

The good news… Copyright is automatic! If you are the creator of a design or drawing, you automatically own copyright in that artistic work, and the legal right to be acknowledged as the original creator of the design in the work. If someone else breaches your copyright, they may face … Continue reading

Dismissing an employee when they are on personal leave – when is this allowed?

Managing performance and terminating employment are unfortunately sometimes necessary parts of running a business, and as an employer, it’s crucial to make sure you go about these things in the right way. If you need to terminate somebody’s employment, you need to ensure that you have grounds to do this, … Continue reading

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