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Creative agencies, client agreements and intellectual property

It is essential for creative agencies to have clear and authoritative provisions about ownership of intellectual property in their client agreements. Having clear terms in client agreements reduces the potential for disagreement down the track and for that client or agency to be put in a harmful position. Unmet expectations, … Continue reading

Building designers and copyright – what do you need to be aware of?

The good news… Copyright is automatic! If you are the creator of a design or drawing, you automatically own copyright in that artistic work, and the legal right to be acknowledged as the original creator of the design in the work. If someone else breaches your copyright, they may face … Continue reading

Why your business needs a bullying and harassment policy

Employees in Australia have a legal right to work in a workplace free from bullying, discrimination and harassment, yet businesses continue to handle claims and complaints of this nature. This behaviour is not only harmful to the person being bullied, but also to your business, its reputation and its culture. … Continue reading

Portable Long Service Leave – what employers in the community service, contract cleaning and security industries need to know

In September 2018, the Long Service Benefits Portability Bill 2018 (‘the Bill’) was passed by Victorian Parliament, with the provisions of the Bill to come into effect in mid-2019. The Bill introduced significant changes to the way that long service leave operates in the community service, contract cleaning and security … Continue reading

Why replaceable rules might be inappropriate for your company

When deciding on the internal governance requirements for your business, it can be hard to choose between implementing replaceable rules, a constitution, or even both. This blog post sets out why some companies may choose to stay clear of replaceable rules and rely solely on a constitution instead. What is … Continue reading

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