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Why replaceable rules might be inappropriate for your company

When deciding on the internal governance requirements for your business, it can be hard to choose between implementing replaceable rules, a constitution, or even both. This blog post sets out why some companies may choose to stay clear of replaceable rules and rely solely on a constitution instead. What is … Continue reading

Terms and conditions for travel businesses:

Your terms and conditions document serves to protect you in case of a dispute or misunderstanding with a client, and ensures a professional presence for your business in today’s competitive market. Ensure your clients understand your terms and agree to be bound to them before booking with your travel business. … Continue reading

Recreation providers and waivers – what should be in them?

The Australian Consumer Law requires you to ensure your recreation services: Are provided with due care and skill; and Fit for the intended purpose; and Might reasonably be expected to achieve any result made known to the consumer. However, you are able to limit your liability to adult consumers through … Continue reading

Statutory demands – when are they appropriate?

Statutory demands are not always an appropriate solution to unpaid debt. The courts have been quite clear on when a statutory demand should and should not be used. And watch out – if a statutory demand is made inappropriately, it will be to the claimant’s detriment. Some legal insight – … Continue reading

Workplace bullying investigations: Key points to remember as an employer

The Fair Work Commission consistently takes a serious approach to employers who fail to address and resolve incidences and reports of workplace bullying. In addition to the need to ensure that are providing a safe and respectful workplace for your staff, it’s crucial that the way you handle and investigate … Continue reading

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