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New laws affecting employers of casual staff

Do you employ casual staff? If the answer is yes, this information is vitally important for your business! The Federal Government has recently introduced the Fair Work Amendment (Casual Loading Offset) Regulations 2018 (“regulation”). This regulation was introduced in response to the Workpac v Skene (2018) decision. Whilst this regulation … Continue reading

Christmas shutdown and staff entitlements:

If you own a business and want to shut down over Christmas and New Year, there is nothing stopping you from doing this. However, make sure you understand any obligations you have that will continue during this time. If you decide to close down, you must still pay your full-time … Continue reading

The importance of terms of business for recruitment businesses

It is imperative for recruitment businesses to ensure that their Terms of Business are up-to-date, legally compliant and enforceable. Terms of Business are a legal document commonly used in the recruitment industry to form an agreement between a recruitment business/agency and their client. This agreement sets out the legal relationship … Continue reading

Dismissing an employee who hasn’t worked out in the first 6 months – what are your rights and ensuing risks for the business?

Probationary period Under the Fair Work Act (Cth) 2009 (the Act) an employee is not allowed to make an unfair dismissal application against an employer unless they’ve been employed for 6 months (by an employer with more than 15 employees) or 12 months (by an employer with less than 15 … Continue reading

Employers rights when you catch your employee stealing

Perhaps things are going missing after hours, or the books aren’t balancing, maybe you’ve just got a sinking suspicion that someone isn’t using their work credit card appropriately. Whatever your concerns, you’ve got a right to investigate the situation but you must handle the process delicately to ensure that you … Continue reading

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