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Yoga teachers and insurance – what should you have?

As a yoga teacher, there is only so much you can do to prevent injuries to students participating in class – yoga is physical and carries a high risk of injury. Careful consideration of sequences taught, addressing students’ alignment and offering modifications with props cannot protect you from the fact … Continue reading

Copyright and Yoga Poses

If you are a professional teaching movement in yoga, you will know that originality and creativity are essential if your practice and profession is to continue to successfully evolve. So, what happens when one of your original poses, or movement sequences, is stolen by someone else? Well! Perhaps one of … Continue reading

Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes and the Legalities

What are the risks and what should you have in place? Holding mums and bubs yoga classes can be the most rewarding experience – it offers mums a chance to connect with themselves, their babies, and other mums, whilst regaining their physical strength. And the babies often love yoga class! … Continue reading

Franchising your yoga studio – top 3 considerations:

(Before we begin: you most likely need to incorporate your yoga business before becoming a franchisor if you haven’t done so already.) Legal documents! The franchise agreement document and disclosure document must comply with stringent regulatory framework, outlined in the Franchising Code of Conduct, and should detail your vision for … Continue reading

Yoga teachers and superannuation

Superannuation only needs to be paid where there is an employer/employee relationship. Often yoga teachers are (supposedly) employed as independent contractors – however this determination cannot be made simply by looking at the title given to the arrangement in the employment contract. It depends on the individual circumstances and the … Continue reading

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