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Yoga studios and brand protection

Ultimately, the success of your yoga studio relies on your ‘brand’. It is your studio’s identity. Think about your current branding and whether it reflects what you want your studio to be known for, and if it distinguishes your studio as unique and special. Authenticity is key to brand profiling; … Continue reading

I bought a yoga studio – now what?!

Along with the joy and adventure of owning and operating your own studio, there is a lot of really exciting* legal stuff to consider. (*this is a little white lie… The legal stuff is not that exciting and may seem overwhelming, but consider with Jess to ensure that the process … Continue reading

Can I dispose of yoga mats belonging to students?

If you are running a yoga studio, you may find your studio is holding a number of yoga mats belonging to students. Whether this originally was intentional storage for regular clients (who may have taken an extended break from yoga practice, and are not using the stored mat), or lost … Continue reading

Food Labelling and Superfoods:

Superfoods sometimes promise a lot, but do they deliver? And – as a retail food industry business owner the question may be – do they legally have to deliver? Well, yes and no… Some Superfoods are truly amazing. Did you know that Kombucha can assist in improved digestion weight loss … Continue reading

Does it matter if I am running my Pilates Studio as a sole trader?

Risks for sole traders from a liability perspective (asset protection): There are some wonderful things about running a Pilates Studio as a sole trader. Business accounts are simple, and you can focus your energies on Pilates technique, class choreography, and your clientele. It is easy to set-up and maintain from … Continue reading

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