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Statutory demands – when are they appropriate?

Statutory demands are not always an appropriate solution to unpaid debt. The courts have been quite clear on when a statutory demand should and should not be used. And watch out – if a statutory demand is made inappropriately, it will be to the claimant’s detriment. Some legal insight – … Continue reading

Estate planning for small business

Are you the owner of a small business and/or have equitable interests in a business or company? Have you made provisions in your will for the administration of your business? Your Estate planning should be aligned with your business succession arrangements to ensure that all you have worked so hard … Continue reading

What does the GDPR mean for your business?

Firstly… GDPR? What is this?! The GDPR is the European Union General Data Protection Regulation that contains new data protection requirements. The GDPR applies to businesses as of 25 May 2018. Australian businesses are responsible for ensure data handling practices comply with the GDPR before commencement. Does it apply to … Continue reading

Top three tips when setting up a tech company

We love working with tech companies, particularly in the early stages when they are working out what they need. If this is you, read on to hear our top tips. 1.  Get your company structure right… Like all businesses, you can choose to operate as a sole-trader, a partnership, a … Continue reading

Small businesses: What should you have in your terms and conditions for online promotions?

Instagram is the new black in marketing (and has been for a while), and a powerful medium for promoting your health and wellness business. If you are looking to grow your “likes”, increase your Instagram following, and personally engage and connect your audience to your product/business, then Instagram contests and … Continue reading

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