Sinclair + May offers high quality and professional employment law assistance to startups, SMEs and not-for-profit organisations Australia wide.  Sinclair + May are recognised for their practical and targeted legal advice and we help our clients through every step of the employment cycle. We offer a broad range of advisory services and can also assist with workplace investigations, training, mediation and litigation.


Employment Law Advice

We assist employers to grow and protect their business.

Sinclair + May can provide advice to employers in:

  • Managing performance and dismissal
  • Workplace behaviour, bullying, discrimination and harassment
  • Responding to requests for flexible work arrangements
  • Managing conflict and having difficult conversations
  • Managing long term injured and ill employees

Litigation, Mediation and Conflict Resolutions

We act for employers in a variety of employment law claims including unfair dismissal, adverse action, bullying, sexual harassment, breach of contract and misleading and deceptive conduct. Sinclair + May can also work with you to enforce restraints of trade and confidentiality clauses, enterprise agreements and Fair Work Act non compliance claims.  

Sinclair + May can also assist you with mediations and resolving conflict in a way that allows you to rebuild working relationships. We focus on outcomes rather than positions.

Policies and Employment Contracts

We will ensure you have clear and current policies and employment contracts to give your staff certainty about their employment arrangements and workplace conditions.

We can assist with:

  • Social media policies
  • Performance management policies
  • Unacceptable behaviour policies
  • Equal opportunity, bullying and harassment policies
  • Leave policies
  • Anti victimisation policies

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are often a challenging and time consuming process however, by engaging Sinclair + May, we can manage the process for you.Outsourcing workplace investigations to an experienced, independent and external workplace investigator is practical, efficient and cost effective. We offer independent, impartial investigations into complaints about inappropriate behaviour at work.

We can assist with workplace investigations into:

  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Misconduct
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination

We will address the complaint in a timely manner and ensure procedural fairness for all parties. After discussing the matter with you and determining the scope of the investigation, our process is to

  • Conduct face to face interviews with the employees who are relevant to the investigation
  • Review and assess all evidence and undertake further exploration where necessary
  • Analyse the evidence and make findings of fact and comments on any breaches of workplace policies and procedures
  • Write an investigation report that clearly sets out the allegations and findings.


We are also available to advise on post investigation support strategies.

Cultural Review

Conducting a cultural review is an excellent way to find our why problematic and dysfunctional workplaces operate in the way they do. It can be very difficult to have complete insight over the extent and causes of workplace problems and often these issues result in increased turnover of staff, poor performance and sick leave. Employers often struggle to get full and honest information about the situation as employees feel uncomfortable about revealing their concerns directly to management.

Our goal it to explore and understand the situation so we can give practical and strategic advice to resolve the workplace problems so you can see real improvements in the culture of your team.

We will find out what is really going on and help you address the problems so the workplace is a more pleasant environment.

Our process involves:

  • Understanding your workplace and the areas of focus so we can explore the employees experiences
  • Interview your staff
  • Reviewing your policies and procedures
  • Providing independent, practical and targeted advice about the steps you should take to improve workplace culture, minimise risk and improve productivity

Workplace Training

Give your staff the skills to manage workplace behaviour issues and drive cultural change. Training your employees is an excellent investment in your staff and business. Workplace training better equips the managers in dealing with workplace relations matters but also assist in prevention of the matters arising at all.

Sinclair + May offer face-to-face training in a broad range of topics in a way that is interactive and practical.

Topics include:

  • Equal employment opportunity, anti bullying and the prevention of sexual harassment
  • Unconscious bias and workplace discrimination
  • Managing ill and injured employees
  • Conducting workplace investigations
  • Managing poor performance, redundancy and dismissal


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